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Julien Lengrand-Lambert

French guy living in the Netherlands. Chapter Lead @ING during the day, bouldering at night.

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About me

My name Julien Lengrand-Lambert, and I am a french 29 year old guy living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I live there for 5 years with my girlfriend and my cat. And at the end of September 2016, I became the father of a little thing that keeps us awake at night and brings us all of the love in the world.

I work at ING during the day as a Chapter Lead, and I am responsible for coaching a team of 8 to 10 engineers as well as being an engineer myself. During my free time, you can find me coding, organizing meetups and bouldering. I also play DOTA2 in a team, and take a lot of pictures of things around me :).

I am originally an Image Processing engineer, and I used to develop low footprint algorithms on embedded platforms. I also worked in automatic sea mine detection in the past and published papers in conferences. They can be found here:

In 2012, I have won a Startup Week-end with people I had just met and spent a lot of time working on Brestram. I try to write blog posts regularly, and be active on Twitter as well; but I must admit that I usually prefer fixing bugs!

My latest projects include :

  • Brestram, an android app that delivers real-time bus schedules in Brest.
  • Spo2tube, a Spotify to Youtube converter that I developed to learn node.js.
  • Ivolution, a face timelapse generator written in Python.
  • ServsUp, an open-source, self-hosted status page application written in Node.js
  • SkyAI, a startup that aims at generating sustainability insights for businesses, municipalities and countries using satellite imagery.

I love solving real problems, and am always searching for the next challenge. So feel free to contact me, I’d be glad to have a word with you.