Let's scratch those itches!

Let's scratch those itches!

It's been a long time since I have written stuff regularly on this blog. But it doesn't mean nothing happened; far from that in fact!

For some strange reason, blogging is just like sport : the less you practice the less you want to get back in. Put some holidays in the middle and you quickly end up in a situation where your blog lies dead for weeks even though you have plenty of ideas of articles. And after some time, you don't even have ideas any more; which makes it even more difficult to get back on rails.

I don't know about you, but thinking about it I can often see a relation between the number of blog posts I write and the progress I make in my pet projects. Just like if blogging was some kind of motivator to work harder, or somehow linked to my productivity as a developer.

Blog posts are difficult for me to write. As a (bad) developer, I love to directly jump into the technical stuff. And I really have to force myself to take a step back and spend an hour or two writing about something I have already done. In the end, most of the blog post ideas I got end up in the trash bin and never get published.

But thinking about this, I realized that I actually write a lot. Only of all this is never actually goes on the internet. For years, there are two things I always have on me :

  • My glasses, just because otherwise I couldn't see anything (don't try to make a link with the post, there's none)
  • And a notebook with a pen, in which I write everyday.

This habit has been here as long as I can remember. I know I have a really bad memory. I always had. So noting down stuff is the best way for me to cope with this brain full of holes. Those last years, I started also writing down everything that could piss me off. Things that would take me a long time to do while I could avoid it. Or things that I would see people do that I sound could be done better (at least in my opinion). Those are just dummy statements on my notebook, but I usually put them somewhere else afterwards and sometimes give more thoughts about it. And when I started reading Hacker News and LifeHacker a few months ago, I actually realized that some of these dummy ideas have actually been transformed into sustainable businesses by clever people.

So instead of writing them to myself, I think I will start putting them out on this blog. Let's not call them business ideas (most are likely not to be) but simply itch scratchers, or life facilitators :).

In the end, I think I should have done this long in the past :

  • If anyone has the same ideas than me and read them here, Fine! That can be seen as some kinf of validation for him :)
  • It will force me to develop those ideas a bit more, to make them understandable by everyone.
  • It will allow me to post on this blog without more work than usual, as I already write those for myself usually.
  • And who knows, maybe will someone fall in love with one these ideas and contact me to make it happen!.

So now, let's make this happen!