The Pirate Patch, Python Flavored

Some of you might already have heard about The Pirate Patch (at least those who read Korben).

For several months now, the pirate bay is blocked in several countries such as Belgium or the Netherlands.
Qarizma, a member of the website has developed a small utility to get around this problem. The script uses reverse-proxy on some of the mirrors of the pirate bay that are not blocked. Basically, it simply modified your host file.

I downloaded the patch and wanted to give it a try. But it is developed in windows shell and thus is only Windows compatible.

So last night, I simply looked at the source and developed a Python equivalent. This way everybody with a Python interpreter should be able to use it.

I packaged it into an executable and tried it successfully on Windows and Linux. I wait this week-end to get access to a Mac and be sure it works on all OSes.

If so, you may find it soon next to the windows version, on the website.
Hope this will help some of you :)