Use a Xerox printer on Ubuntu

Use a Xerox printer on Ubuntu

A quick and small post that could save some of you a few hours.

If you're like me, you may have a Xerox printer of phazer in your work or home environmenent.

And your ubuntu is unable to print any document on this printer, displaying fancy errors like "filter failed".

Before going on the Xerox website searching for ugly tar.gz files to install; and read dozens of forums and documentation pages to finally get the printer to work;
try to install foomatic-db.

It is as simple as

sudo apt-get install foomatic-db

on an ubuntu (13.04, in my case).

This worked like a charm for me.
The part is don't get is why this foomatic-db is so hard to find. I had to search for the package listing, making searches about xerox drivers to find it.
I found no reference about it on the internet what so ever with the "filter failed" keywords.

Hope this helps some of you.